Kookaburra – Soul Food

“The Morning Post” Acrylic on Ampersand board. 30cm x 41cm

For a few years and during the long days of lockdown, this handsome fellow visits, bringing with him an immeasurable amount of soul food. His very presence bodes well for the future. His distinctive calls are so identifiable, I can tell when he is in the neighborhood.
I have painted his portrait many times. The paintings do not take long to find homes where he continues to uplift other’s spirits, all over the country. When I paint him, I feel at peace. It is easy. I feel his mischief, his serenity, his joy, his determination and his strength. I will continue to portray this beautiful kookaburra for as long as he is around, and given how robust he is, I hope that will be for some time yet.
This one is painted in acrylic on deep edge board with air brushed background. I used my pallet knives on the post he sits on to give a touch texture to the painting. The painting is looking for a new home. Contact me if you are interested.

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