Gerry's paintings include vibrant, finely detailed landscapes and seascapes, flora and fauna.

Much of her work is privately commissioned and includes an extensive range of pet portraits, which have been highly acclaimed for their portrayal of each animal’s unique character and personality.

Her wildlife art is very popular with art collectors and is held in private collections in the USA, England, Scotland, India, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and throughout Australia.

Geraldine's works can also be viewed at her studio by appointment. Browse her online gallery here.

Commissioning a Painting

A portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to capture everything you love about them. You will have a stunning artwork for your home and a keepsake for future years.

Or you might want a landscape or wildlife painting for that perfect spot on your wall - something that's original and personal to you.

Geraldine Taylor is an Australian artist who invites you to commission the painting you want.

She particularly enjoys producing portraits of much loved pets, and "the challenge of capturing the essence of the individual animal and the connectivity between pet and 'owner'."

Gerry's works are colourful and she mostly uses gouache and acrylics. However, if you prefer charcoal, watercolour, pencil or coloured pencil, she is happy to work with those media too.


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