There is so much wonderful and fascinating information available about dogs. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible they are.

The beautiful. The dangerous.

The big and the small.

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Murray - Labradoodle (Acrylic)

Here's Murray, a Labradoodle. He was a gentle giant who stood on his hind legs and eye balled my 6 foot 2 inch husband ...

"Honey"- Yorkshire Terrier - Acrylic on canvas board

This beautiful little Yorkshire Lady was rescued from a puppy farm and fortunately for her, spent the rest of her wonderful life in a safe and very loving home.

Ragnar - Painted in acrylic on stretched canvas.

Ragnor is a big gentle darling.  He is well trained and thoroughly loved.

Oberon - Gouache German Weimaraner

Obie was a gorgeous, long haired Weimaraner. He loved water anywhere and would run for hours through the waves at the beach near his home.