The Joy of Rainbows

“Loud and Lovely” (Rainbow Lorikeets in a firewheel Tree) Acrylic on stretched canvas 40cm x 101cm.

Gregarious and excitable, these incredibly beautiful, cheeky lorikeets dance through the flowering trees in my backyard. Many find their noisy capers deafening but I find they bring an uplifting energy which flows in and out of one’s very being. They make me laugh. Their speed and antics are entrancing and their colours are dynamic. They are the epitome of joy.
I wanted to portray the energy and vibrancy of them partying in the firewheel tree. The firewheel leaves are dense, with very interesting shapes and the flowers are often referred to as spiders.
The medium is acrylic which I find provides colours to match the striking colour combinations of the lorikeets’ feathers.
A friend likened this work to a vibrant, satin cloth. I rather liked that.

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