Getting Involved at Hazelhurst in the Sutherland Shire.

Afternoon tea talk.

Recently I was invited to have 6 of my artworks hung on the Wall of Art, Sutherland Library for all of June. It does the soul good to have my work acknowledged in this way.
I was then invited to speak about my art journey to a small group at the Cottage, Hazelhurst in Gymea. This was such a lovely experience.
Friends know me as being able to speak and laugh under wet cement but I attribute much of that ability to my years in primary education in Qld and NSW.

I had the best of careers in so many facets of education and am now doing what I dreamed to do as a child.
How good is it when life presents such opportunities?

My career in education had much to do with young people in low socio-economic areas, with English as a second language or high needs. They were such a joy to teach.
To be a part of their learning and growth as individuals was a great privilege.

A number of those in attendance that day wanted to hear more of the stories. To share my adventures has been very rewarding.

These 6 artworks can be viewed at the Sutherland Library, 30/36 Belmont St, Sutherland NSW 2232 between 9am and 5pm.

Nosey Neighbour – Gouache

Mottlecah Magic – Gouache

Mischief Makers – gouache

Loving the Decor – acrylic

Fishing Tales – acrylic

Fancy Free – Gouache

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