The Latest in the Dawn Series of Kookaburra Art.

“Dawn Amusement” – acrylic on board. 30cm X 30cm.

This cheeky visitor spent some time on this branch just checking out other birds which were a tad annoyed to see him in the area. He was not the slightest bit concerned at the constant objections of noisy miners, magpies and currawongs. In fact he seemed to be smiling at their wasted efforts to chase him away, much to my delight.
This work is acrylic on board (30cm X 30cm). It has a black gesso base all around, including the back. I used an air brush, paint brushes, sponges and palette knives to achieve the effects I wanted. It is varnished with gloss and is strung ready to hang.
“Dawn Amusement” is available for sale. Contact me if interested.

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