Brilliant Sunbirds

“No Place Like Home” – painted in acrylic on matt board. We were very blessed some years back, to stay on Bedarra Island in Queensland.  This is a private island and it is simply magical.  I was relaxing in the garden and along came these incredible, busy, little flashes of loveliness.  They had me transfixed.  I was able to get some ‘OK’ photos and was determined to paint this as a thank you gift for our time on the island.  I have done a few others paintings with sunbirds as the feature, but they did not seem to fit what I intended.  Recently I was speaking with the owner, who has become a good friend, and she was telling me that the birds were nesting in the outside shower.  She was over the moon.  So that was what I was going to do. I grew up in North Qld so had seen sunbirds many times and knew their nests well.  I really enjoyed putting this work together.

I am very happy to report that the gift has been received with great joy and will now reside in the home on Bedarra Island.

“No Place Like Home” – Sunbirds in acrylic

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