Strength Against The Odds

“Against the Odds” – acrylic on stretched canvas

In 2019 we had spent a wonderful week on Nth Stradbroke Island  in Queensland. A beautiful, restful place with so much to do and see.

As we were leaving on the ferry I was taken by some groups of pylons marking the route.  They were in different combinations.  Each had different shapes and colours with various connecting bits and pieces.  It was a brilliant, sunny day and the colours, particularly the reds drew my eye.  I was also taken lots of photos of these structures with a plan to do something with this scene.  As I watched I saw a small bird in a hole in one of the pylons.  It was quite still.  Then joy of joys in flies its mate with some small twigs in its beak.  These swallows are so fast and so gutsy.  I was thoroughly taken by it all.

It took me some time  to compose this painting. What to change, add or leave out.  The pylons were the focus, as they were on that day.  The birds told another story.  Both the structures and the birds, represent strength against the odds.  I think it works.  I do hope it does but I am very pleased with it.

It is painted in acrylic on a stretched canvas… 91 cms X 122 cms.

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