Portrait of a Bright Eyed Boy

“A Bright Eyed Boy” – Acrylic on Matt board


I was commissioned to paint this beautiful child’s portrait from photos and a couple of videos.  I had not met him at all.

Starting with sketches and preliminary stages, which I regularly sent to the clients, I managed to finish it.  I had to use yellow as it is the subject’s favourite colour.

On the day of the final check the clients brought their grandson along to see.  His instant reaction was priceless – he was thrilled to see himself.  He has the most beautiful eyes and is a ball of joyful exuberance.

It was presented the other day as a gift to his parents.  I have been told it was a sweet, teary time and they are over the moon with it.

It hinges on the client as to how well you capture the essence of the subject and to get it right is an incredible rush.






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