New Addition to my Dawn Series of Kookaburra Art

Kookaburra on a branch with colourful leaves

“Dawn Delight” – acrylic on stretched canvas 40cm X 101cm.

One of the fascinating things I see in the material I select for my art, is the variations of colour depending on time of day, how the light falls and what moisture is about. The gum trees in my garden are a constant source of delight. I photograph and sketch them regularly and every day they tell a different story. The extra magic comes with the neighborhood kookaburras. The mix is quintessentially Aussie. I live in a blessed place.
When planning this particular work, I had been taken by the blue in the leaves. The other colours were equally as lovely but the blue really caught my eye. It was jewellike in its sparkle. The leaves were still moist from the night’s rain and they were dancing gently in the morning breeze.
I called it “Dawn Delight” as that is how it felt for me. Again it is painted on a thick edge stretched canvas. I applied acrylic paint with brushes, palette knives and airbrush. I use a mix of metallic paint to add a different dimension to the painting. This is always best to see in the flesh in good lighting. It has been described as having a magical glow about it.
I am pleased to say that the Dawn Series has been met well and each are finding new homes easily.


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