Lesson 6 with TH. Using Images and Looking at Focal Points.

Tawney Frogmouth photo from an old calendar. (Photographer unknown)

Using this photo TH sketched a likeness and transferred it to the surface she chose to paint. She used a number of acrylic colours as well as black to achieve the interesting background effect. Then after checking out the tree bark of the old gum she used a pallet knife to build the branch. Lots of texture was achieved. Then experimenting with brush strokes began the task of creating the Frogmouth. Tone, line and colour were played with.
There was discussion of where a viewer would first look at this painting. TH decided the eyes have it and made them the focal point.

TH in action.

When she left yesterday her homework was to complete the painting. Not bad for the 2 hours from this lovely young artist.

Almost Done.

Just to point out that this is all TH’s work. Ownership is very powerful. My role is to encourage the creativity, guide the process and demonstrate techniques. I provide a range of tools and her discoveries have been very exciting. Can hardly wait for the finished work.

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