Lesson 5: Shape and Form. Introducing Some Drawing Tools.

3D Form.

TH knows 2D shapes and 3D forms. The task was to see shape in form. This ink jug was ideal. She drew a large 2D drawing using a HB pencil on sketch paper – rectangle and triangle. Then curves were added. I asked her to leave the 2D lines so that she could see the bones on which she was building. Tonal shading followed. Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in the work TH was doing I forgot to take a photo. However it was quite a good job.
Step 2 was to introduce other drawing materials to achieve certain effects. Linking to tonal shading and blending. This was a play time activity using a range of pencils, charcoal and an electric eraser – it was a tad messy and a lot of fun.

Drawing tools

TH loved the charcoal and electric eraser (drawing with a rubber was rather amusing for her) best and just played to see what could be done.
2 hours is sometimes way too short a time when one is having fun investigating what can be done with different materials and drawing tools.

Experimenting with charcoal, electric eraser and pencils.

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