A Bakers Dozen of Some of Sydney’s Best Female Artists.

Talented Women Artists of Sydney

Here we are, 11 of our group of talented female artists.   We had a great deal of fun setting up and although we are generally quiet, retiring  women we did talk up a storm.  The laughter was good for the soul.  I imagine we will be our refined selves on opening night.  We are all looking forward to it with great anticipation.  The work is of exceptional quality and is all for sale.

Joining me in the exhibition are Anne Horder, Ros Psarkis, Mitzi Tilley, Diana Garth, Shirley Hagarty, Trish Bennett, Myrle King, Faye Joseph, Jean Harrow, Jillian Jessen, Jan Schuster Callus and Janet Jurcevic.

We would love to have your company on opening night.

Art Exhibitition Invitation

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