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A Bakers Dozen of Some of Sydney’s Best Female Artists.

Talented Women Artists of Sydney

Here we are, 11 of our group of talented female artists.   We had a great deal of fun setting up and although we are generally quiet, retiring  women we did talk up a storm.  The laughter was good for the soul.  I imagine we will be our refined selves on opening night.  We are all looking forward to it with great anticipation.  The work is of exceptional quality and is all for sale.

Joining me in the exhibition are Anne Horder, Ros Psarkis, Mitzi Tilley, Diana Garth, Shirley Hagarty, Trish Bennett, Myrle King, Faye Joseph, Jean Harrow, Jillian Jessen, Jan Schuster Callus and Janet Jurcevic.

We would love to have your company on opening night.

Art Exhibitition Invitation

12 Top Women Artists’ Exhibition in Sydney

These are exciting days, filled with possibilities.  I have been invited to participate with 11 other top Sydney Women Artists in an exhibition of our artworks over the Easter period.  This includes opening night on Friday 30th March and continues until 29th April 2012.

Opening night is always an exciting experience.   Do come along and join the artists.

Venue: ARTISTS EXHIBITION CENTRE,  46 EdwardSt,  Summer Hill

Dates:  30.3.12 to 29.4.12

Opening Night:  30th March 2012  ADMISSION IS FREE. Wine and finger food will be served.  Time: From 7pm




ENQUIRIES:   ANDRE KHALIL 97982700  EMAIL:  artistscentre

There is parking at and around the centre.


A Workshop in Gouache

Gouache is becoming a very popular medium with artists and buyers of art.  Many are surprised to know that a large number of the great artists used gouache in their most famous works.  It is not new but tried and true.  I use it on its own and sometimes with watercolour.  Most people cannot tell the difference between a watercolour and a gouache wash.

On Sunday 25th March I am running a workshop in gouache. The subject is a brushtail possum.  The reason I chose this subject is that it allows me to demonstrate a range of techniques I employ with gouache.  Check out the gallery to see what the possums are like.

My teaching background ensuresmy classes are always fun, informative and easy to follow.   Feedback from participants has been very positive.


Sunday 25th March, 10AM to 4PM, Oatley at the Oatley West Scout Hall, 101 Woronora Pde, Oatley West.  Check the Society’s website for all the details including materials required .

The good bit of news is that Daler Rowney has kindly provided some paint samples for us to check out as well.  I love working with this paint.  It is so flexible.

There is a limited number of places so you will need to book in with your deposit quickly if you do not want to be disappointed.

Picasso at the Art Gallery of NSW

What an experience!  The rain held off just enough yesterday for our long awaited visit to the Art Gallery of NSW to view the Picasso Masterpieces.  Ten rooms holding such a cross section of this amazing artist’s works.

We took our time wandering at our leisure through the exhibition and the went back to favourite pieces discussing the techniques he used and the style of the time.  He used such a variety of materials and I was pleased to note that gouache was included.  “The Head Cutter”  was the first painting we saw where he used gouache to bring drama to this rather maudlin painting.  “Celestine” from the blue period of his work was remarkable.  One can almost see her there in the flesh.

From the classically beautiful Olga and the “Village Dance” to the drama and ugliness of war his work is an historic narrative.  “Massacre in Korea” was particularly compelling depicting callousness and vulnerability in stark contrast.  I found myself in quite a reflective mood while looking at the pieces in room 7.  His series of works on bullfighting was fascinating particularly the “Death of the Toreador”.  Among the photographs on display there was a powerful shot of Picasso in the audience of a bullfight.  He painted these experiences with every feeling blended into the very fibre of the art.  Exciting!

I could see that not all works were finished and understood that Picasso knew when he had reached the stage that it didn’t need to be finished.  I must say I did not like all that I saw but I certainly appreciated the genius of the man and the powerful affect he has had on the development of art across the board.

To sum it up I thought the exhibition was brilliant.  A must see on the ‘things to do’ list.


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